• Mono- and poly- silicon from “Sharp” and “BYDEnergy”

  • thin film modules "Tandem" from "Sharp"


Inventors for on-grid installations:

  • Sunny Boy (SB), Sunny MiniCentral (SMC) – monophasic and Sunny Tripower (STP) triphasic from “SMA”, Germany

  • Solarmax - S, Solarmax MT -  mono- and triphasic Solarmax from "Sputnik", Switzerland.

Autonomous (off grid) systems:

  • Sunny Island (SI) from “SMA”, Germany

  • "FEG Sontime" (Sinus); "Victron", "EFFEKTA"

Photovoltaic charge regulators:

  • "Phocos", Germany

  • "Steca", Germany

Соларни акумулаторни батерии (from 500, 800 until 1600 charging cycles, i.e. 8 until 15 years of exploatation)
- Akku Solar
from "Akkusolar Sonnenschein“, Germany
- "Sonnenschein EXIDE" , Germany
- Dryfit Solarbrock from "DRYFIT", Germany
- Соларни акумулаторни клетки 2 V (from 295 to 4000 Ah capacity, 1600 cycles, i.e. 20 years exploatation period from "Hoppecke", "GNB" и "Sunlight", Germany

Montage constructions:

  • Ground constructions from "Schueco", Germany

  • Ceiling constructiona (върху покрив, във покрив, плосък покрив, фасади) from "Schueco", Germany

  • За соларни навеси "Solarcarport" на фирма "Schueco", Germany

Solar cables и куплунги
solar cables ф 2,5, 4, 6 и 10 мм2 на фирма "Schueco" - Германия
- Куплунги (конектори) на фирма "Multi Contract" (MC) - Швейцария