Services – consulting, planning, montage

Research, energy potential forecast, engineering, projecting, cabling, delivery, montage and maintenance of photovoltaic installations.

  1. Investment projects for all kinds of photovoltaic installations:

  • On grid

  • Autonomous (off grid)

  • Hybrid

  • Back-up installations


  1. Consulting services on the montage and connection between inventors and communicational technic (Datalogger) – we work only with inventors and dataloggers of SMA, Germany


  1. Engineering, research and delivery of photovoltaic installations – modules (all kinds), montage on different surfaces, roofs (skatni??, flat, facades, solar architecture), invertors, DC-cables and cuplungs, DC string boxes and string monitors.


  1. Montage: construction and electricity montage of the different installations


  1. All types of measurements with regard to the DC- and AC part (low pressure) which are obligatory as well as 72-hour tests


  1. Project, delivery and montage of security and safety installations (against tunder)